Quitting Social Media

Posted on Sun 05 January 2020 in Tech Update

I feel like it’s now all the rage to be quitting social media. First, I read the excellent book Digital Minimalism, followed by a great interview with Yes Theory. And then yet another sign that I should do this is reading Rands’s most recent article, The Builders High. So I guess I’m going to delete social media from my phone and see how it goes?

And so what does that mean? I’m never really on Facebook, and I’ve aged out of Snapchat. My two big vices are Instagram and Twitter, and I’ve deleted both of those from my phone. Twitter is still available in the web browser, and I’ll try to be writing more via the indie web. Instagram is a black hole, and I will do my best to stay away from it.

Overall, this should free up more time to think deeper about and do more of the stuff that matters. I’m interested in seeing how this expirement turns out and clawing the hooks of social media out from me one by one.