Layover in Houston

Posted on Mon 23 December 2019 in Analysis

I recently had a layover in Houston at the IAH airport and wanted to write down some quick thoughts:

  • The airport is really nice. Found out from this post about how many people come through yearly (40 million travelers. 40 million!!) and the amount of work they put into it shows. All of the food places look incredible.
  • I ended up flying United, and in their terminal there’s a feature where you get points for buying at shops if you scan your boarding pass. It really is a great way to solve the information problem of what exactly happens after I get off my flight. I heard this same struggle from someone at Ticketmaster at Sloan this past year. Although computer vision is going to get better and better, this solves the opt in problem quite nicely.
  • IAH is also massive. Would recommend sticking on one airline if the layover is narrow.