Posted on Thu 17 September 2020 in Micro

Really excited to try Panic’s Nova. Haven’t been able to find any reviews on it, so I’ll be blazing a trail

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A Better Text Editor

Posted on Thu 17 September 2020 in Analysis

I ended up writing yesterday, and it was a pretty productive session; roughly 2k words in 45 minutes or so. This was a terrific performance for me; usually, I don’t write anything near that quickly. The secret to my success was by using GPT-3. I would put together …

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Posted on Sun 06 September 2020 in Micro

Instagram Reels? More like instagram “Let’s Reel-y be sure to crop out the TikTok logo from our content that we’re reposting or scraping from popular TikTok accounts”

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Posted on Fri 14 August 2020 in Quotes

For every one of our failures, we had spreadsheets that looked awesome.

Scott Cook, founder of Intuit

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First thoughts with GPT-3

Posted on Fri 14 August 2020 in Analysis

I recently received access to one of the hottest betas in tech - access to GPT-3. I’ve had a chance to play around with it and wanted to note down some first impressions.

  • The onboarding is well designed. There’s a playground option that automatically completes any text you …
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Trading Options in Robinhood

Posted on Sat 04 July 2020 in Stocks

Trading options has always seemed like a way to magnify your earnings potential; it allows you to trade more with the money you have available, as opposed to simply buying stocks. I have a Robinhood account but have never put in the effort to learn, until now.

It turns out …

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Intro to Roam Research

Posted on Thu 02 July 2020 in Analysis

Like much of the smart internet, I’ve recently fallen in love with [[Roam Research]]. It’s one of the first “Everything Brain” apps that has vibed with how I think about and use apps on a day to day basis. Here, I want to put down some thoughts on …

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Rules from The Paladin Prophecy

Posted on Sun 28 June 2020 in Quotes

A recent game changer for my reading habit has been setting up Libby. Libby is a service that allows for ebook downloads from your local library. It’s really allowed me to work through some fun Sci-fi and Fantasy books, without paying for instant download via Kindle (which is dangerous …

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Posted on Thu 18 June 2020 in Micro

Listening to episode 380 of ATP, and Marco makes the distinction of not trying to maximize value, but trying to maximize functionality in a value range. That’s the first time I’ve ever heard that distinction before, and I really enjoy it.

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Posted on Sat 16 May 2020 in Quotes

“I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.”

— John Muir

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