Posted on Fri 21 February 2020 in Tech Tips

I came across a weird bug that took me a few minutes to solve. I was using pandas get_dummies function (which was absolutely terrific) but wasn’t able to access the columns after.

After noodling for a minute, I used print(list(Data)) to see that the columns weren’t …

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Filtering based off a prefiltered list in SQL

Posted on Sat 28 September 2019 in Tech Tips

Having been able to write more SQL in the past week, I came across a great piece of code that I want to save for future use.

I wanted to find all transactions that was part of a specific list in order to do market basket analysis from those specific …

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Useful SQL Examples

Posted on Thu 13 June 2019 in Tech Tips

The hardest (and most boring!) part of any code is the initial work it takes to learn something - solving the first problem allows you to move on to solving more interesting problems.

With regards to coding, I’ve found that it’s good to have some boilerplate code to solve …

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Posted on Tue 23 April 2019 in Tech Tips

Contiguous data ranges in excel with no subtotal nonsense is absolutely key.

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How to think about Pricing Sports Tickets

Posted on Wed 22 August 2018 in Tech Tips

Pricing is a fantastic economic exercise; is there anything purer than the idea of maximizing profit while selling one single experience? In the spirit of Sloan Sports Analytics Conference starting to sell tickets soon, I thought it would be fun to write down a few main points that I would …

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4 Tips to Get the Most Out of Excel

Posted on Wed 22 August 2018 in Tech Tips

Excel, for those of you who are unaware, is a spreadsheet application. Imagine a series of rows and columns where one can put anything at all. Intuitively, it’s common in a business setting; being great at excel can set up a career for success early on.

Having transitioned to …

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Initial Twitter Bot Thoughts

Posted on Mon 19 February 2018 in Tech Tips • Tagged with tech tips, bot, nltk, Markov chain, markov

Thinking about what would make an interesting bot.

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The four commands that really demonstrate how to use git and GitHub

Posted on Sat 10 February 2018 in Tech Tips • Tagged with tech tips, GitHub, git, version control

After hours of searching for a great git tutorial, this help page demonstrates all one needs to know.

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How to find all Unique String Items in a Pandas Column

Posted on Sun 28 January 2018 in Tech Tips • Tagged with tech tips, pandas, python, analytics

A quick one liner on dealing with a unique problem

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KPI Doughnut Charts in Tableau

Posted on Mon 15 January 2018 in Tech Tips • Tagged with tableau, kpi, tech tips

How to Boost Productivity with Tableau

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